Ten Fundamental Duties:

1- Observe Punctuality.

2- Properly dressed school uniform.

3- Time Punctuality has to be maintained.

4- Obey your prefects.

5- Should not go out of school premises during school hours without permission.

6- Abide by the rules of library & laboratories.

7- Keep the campus clean.

8- Switch off fans,light,& water taps when not needed.

9- Strive for excellence in all spheres of activity.

10- Students are responsible for the safe custody of their books & belongings.

Smart Class:

School has smart classes for all the students to make their subject interesting & easier.

Computer Education:

The School has invested in an up-to-date computer.Laboratory thereby providing a hands-on-experience to the pupils to reduce the physical and mental labour.

School Library:

The School has a well equipped library on a wide range of subjects catering the needs of students and the staff.

A large number of Indian & Foreign journals,magazines and news papers are also subscribed.The students are encouraged to refer to these for wide and deeper understanding of subject of interest.


Our students gain first hand experience and infomation on the laws of science in the physics,Chemistry and Biology laboratories.

Games and Sports:

The school provides several opportunities for all the students to enjoy themselves in many games such as Cricket,Football,Hockey,Batminton,Chess,Carom,Table-Tennis,Kho-Kho,Volleybol etc.HSPS believes that none can reach academic peak without physical fitness that comes from sports.It is a universal truth that:

Out Door Activities:

Picnics,visits to places of historical/cultural/scientific interest.Educational toure both for boys & girls are part of C.B.S.E. curriculum in the school.


The school has a number of busses/Vans and rickshaws for the conveyance of students to and from the school.

The House System:

In order to generate a healthy spirit of competition among students,the school follows the house system.There are four houses in the school-Gandhi,Subhash,tagore & Tilak.

A number of inter-house competitions in the field of academics, sports and co-curricular activities are organised.The system inclucates a spirit of participation and healthy competition and also offers an opportunity to each student for the development of individual talent.

Interaction with Parents:

The parents and teachers meet on second saturday of every month to discuss the progress of the students.In addition the parents can meet to the principal of the school between 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. everyday.

The parents are requested not to meet the teachers of theiir wards during school hours.In exceptional circumstances such meetings can be arranged with the approval of the principal.

Educational System:

  • The school is affiliated to the Central Board of secondary Education,New Delhi.
  • The Board administers two public examinations:

    1- All India Secondary Examination at the end of Standard X.

    2- The Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination at the end of Standard 12th

  • Both the examinations are held in march.