"Winners do not do different things, they do things differently."

Winners live and work everyday as if ti were their last days because one of the these day it is going to be and nobody knows which one day it is. But when they leave ; they leave as winner.

The aim and objective of H.S.P.S. is to promote each students extra ordinary senility, tolerance, compassion and responsibility. The essence of education is to help the students to set brilliant goals and give the students confidence and support to achieve them. We believe in enabling children to realise their existing in herent potentialities and help them fully understand the essence of tolerance harmony and peaceful co-existence. We are striving hard for the all around development of each and every child in the dimensionsory making them true ROLE-MODEL in the society.

I compliment and extend my congratulations to the H.S.P.S. family& parents on the occasion of the publication of the Annual School Magazine and I wish to all the very best in their future pursuits and am confident that torch of excellence will continue shining bright.

With best compliments we would like our students to remember "You have to be first different or great----------. If you are one of them you will definitely make it. So be different and make a difference."

Lt. R.C. Sengar
M.Sc. (Maths) M.Ed.
Ayurved Ratna, DMLT
Ex. HOD Maths APS Lko.
Ex. Troop Commander - 64
UP NCC Bn. Lko.