HS MEMORIAL aims all round developmentof the child.It intends to equip its students, in addition to the textual knowledge, the basic human being, having a balanced and harmonious combination of high levels of inteeligent quotient, emotional and spritual quotient, thus proving themselves useful and valuable for self, family, society and the country.


1- To make every child disciplined and potential light of the word.
2- To recognise and encourage talents of all kind and of all degrees,in an endeavor to stretch the intellectual and creative capacity of student.
3- To help students,develop healthy minds and bodies.
4- To encourage clear thinking and determination.
5- To develoa sound character based on appreciation of truth,beauty and goodness.
6- To infuse the spirit of sportsmanship by preparing them to put forth their best efforts for attainment of their goals in life and cheerfully accommodate the attainment of others.
7- For a gift of God to manking and a period of the human race.
8- To make every child a true role model of society.