School Infrastructure

School Infrastructure

School Building The school premises has been divided in two buildings named as :

Primary Block This block has spacious airy classrooms, furnished with suitable furniture, fans, tube lights, large green ceramic boards and notice boards.

Senior Block- This Block has spacious classrooms soon to be air conditioned and different Laboratories, Audio/Video Room, Vast Library & Highly Comfortable Staffrooms for our Teachers. The school building is constructed strictly according to fire safety and other disaster resistant norms.

Laboratories : To inculcate scientific knowledge and attitude among the students, school has six spacious, well equipped Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths ,Composite Science and Computer Laboratories. Each Lab has the facility of computer & internet.

Science laboratory

Physics lab : It is an ultra modern lab, fully equipped with latest apparatus. It provides the much needed facilities to the students upto class XII. Students are infused with the curiosity to explore and learn the toughest laws of Physics in the easiest manner.

Chemistry Lab : Chemistry lab is well ventilated & well equipped with all modern apparatus to understand the mysteries and elements of nature. All chemicals and salts are available in good quantity for all experimental requirements of the students. The Lab also prides itself of having a balance room for volumetric analysis. Under the guidance of their subject teachers and with the help of Lab assistants, students complete their projects and experiments smoothly with a proper care of their safety.

Biology Lab: The spacious, well ventilated Biology Lab is equipped with various models, specimen charts, microscopes, chemicals etc. to fulfil the requirement of students for the study of nature and human anatomy.

Mathematics lab: Students from classes III to X learn Maths with models and practical projects in order to learn the subject in a simpler way. There are a number of experiments with colorful paper cutouts & paper folding activities which clarify concepts of lines, points, angles and triangles etc. of class VI as well as complex theorems of class X. The computers and the internet are used for teaching, self learning, interactive mental Maths quizzes and speed calculation competitions. The geometric sketch pad and the handheld calculators are used to explain concepts from coordinate geometry to Calculus, to learn and understand quadratic equations, conic sections and trigonometric curves etc.

Computer lab : Technology advancement has affected every sphere of life especially education. In the present times of booming technology, the computer labs provide the solid platform to the students to be future technocrats. The computer labs are used not just to hone the skills of computer geeks but also provide an exposure to the novices.

Students also explore the world through internet. Each lab has adequate number of computers. These labs also facilitate the teachers to get updated with current trends in the field of education. There are computers and servers with latest hardware & software configurations. Printing facility is available for the students. School has smart class for all the students to make their subject learning interesting and easier.

Composite Science lab: The School has well equipped Composite Science laboratory for students of junior and secondary classes. Students are encouraged to use this laboratory to learn through experiments. Every year latest instruments, specimens, charts etc. are purchased for this lab.

Library : Library is open for all the students and faculty members in a peaceful area where they find food for their thought. Members are issued a library card for all transactions in the Library and each class is allotted a period for library every week. Students are given special permission to use library after the school hours too and during summer vacations for making projects, preparing for competitions & enhancing knowledge in general. The school library is central to learning and plays a key role as a place for encouraging innovation, curiosity, and problem solving. Our library is a catalyst for literacy and reading and for teaching and scaffolding inquiry learning.

Music Room: To nourish the musical talent of the students, to enable the young generation going with perfect rhythm and harmony in every walk of life, school has a music room equipped with almost all kind of Indian, Classical and western music instruments. Students are trained here in dances as well as singing for participation in various programmes and competitions.

Art and craft room : School has an Art & craft room where students learn drawing, painting, origami and craft work. They form up wonderful objects from waste material with soaring flight of their unique imaginations. An Art & craft exhibition is organized by the school every year giving out a sweet aroma of aesthetic appeal.

Playground : The school has a sprawling playground to facilitate the physical development of the children. Here from a huge stage, school assembly is conducted, serving as the medium and platform for meditation to develop the concentration and National integration through invoking the shlokas from Indian scriptures and singing National song and Nation anthem every day